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July 2016- May 2019                                                BA, Calligraphy Art, and Chinese Painting, National Taiwan

Sep 2021- Sep2022                                                MA, Fine art, University of the Creative Arts


Art Industry Experience 

Aug 2018- May 2019                                                Department Assistant - National Taiwan University of Art

Nov. 2021                                                                    Volunteer- Ackroyd & Harvey during Surrey Hills Symposium, Surrey University

May- Jun 2022                                                         Artist in Residence- Farnham Library

Oct. 2022- Dec.2022                                            Volunteer- New Ashgate Gallery

General Work Experience

Jun 2019- Sep 2019, full-time                           Archivist- Taipei City Government

Aug 2020- Aug 2021, Full-Time                        Archivist- National Taiwan Normal University

Nov  2021-Present                                                  Ambassador- University for the Creative Art


March 2017                                                                 Group Exhibition, Period&While

May 2018                                                                     Group Exhibition, Uninhabited Place

Jun 2019                                                                     Group Exhibition, Seven.Point

Jun 2019                                                                     Graduation Exhibition, Heterogeneous creatin

Mar 2020                                                                    Solo Exhibition, One More Light

Aug 2020                                                                   Solo Exhibition, Exposed To The Sun

Jan 2022                                                                   Group Exhibition, Jane Austen House

Jun 2022                                                                   Decrypt, Crypt Gallery, St.Pancras Church, London

May-Oct 2022                                                         Heathland Artworks, Farnham Heath curated by Surrey Hills Arts

Sep 2022                                                                  Freedom, UCA Canterbury

Technical Skills

• Technical: Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy, Print, Sculpture, Installation artwork.

• General: Communication, curation, teaching workshop, Mandarin, Japanese

• Software: Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Procreate

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