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What is life? Where do we live? Sometimes we feel confused about ourselves but maybe it is not as heavy as we might believe. Talking to ourselves as time goes by, we will find that it can wash everything away and we are better than we think. 

Yun Xuan Shi graduated in Calligraphy Art and Chinese Painting from the National Taiwan University of Art in 2019 and graduated from MA Fine art at UCA Farnham in 2022. Yun is passionate about combing surreal composition and emotional expression. Traditional Chinese painting techniques are used to create lines of hair on figures or smoke and fog effect.  The approach has evolved from painting to sculpture or interactive art, focusing on how to show line, whether it be hair or any other line. 

On the other hand, Yun’s research into light and shadow has evolved from the original presentation on a flat surface to the actual change of light and shadow on a three-dimensional form. The light and line will not be constrained by context or language but exist as purely emotional objects, substitutes for the passage of time, or an emotional connection as if it were a bridge between the various things in the world or an emotional outpouring. It is even an outlet to be guided by in times of despair. 


Yun expresses desire and cries for the world through the expression of her works. Perhaps with the passage of time, all wounds can be healed, and hearts can be as boundless as the sea and sky. Yun hopes you will enjoy your visit to this space after reading about these works. 

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