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Heathland artworks, year & years- 2022

This was the first time I have participated in an outdoor art exhibition. Due to the special venue and the long duration of the exhibition, I had to be more careful in the planning of the work, and finally, after many revisions of the concept and materials, this work had the chance to be exhibited. It was a great challenge for me at that time.

After my research into earth art, I discovered that much of it is a combination of natural objects and man-made objects to create new work and they are all inextricably linked to the environment. As this work has been placed in a forest, I have extended the design from the structure of the trees. The cut surface of the tree is the annual rings that appear after years of growth and the design of my work is based on the pattern of the annual wheel. The fictitious tree was made up of branches found in the forest and acrylic cut by laser cutting. Two artificial trees that could change with light and shadow were created.

This group of works was placed in the middle of the forest, like two small tree tents. A living tree grows with time, while a broken tree loses its life. I wanted to depict and record the trees that have disappeared so that even if they were gone, they could still exist as a work of art.

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