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Mother tongue- 2022

This was an exhibition in which students from different majors are recruited and selected for exhibition at the James Hockey & Foyer Galleries on University for the Creative Arts campus.

The structure was made up of several lines of colour from dark to light. From the dark colour line on the outside to the almost invisible bright yellow line in the middle, This piece was originally a study of colour, and the result is amazing to me, and I love it. My original perception of colour was that brighter colours would stand out the most and darker colours would look relatively distant. But this work was different, the brightest part of this work was like a hole, creating a swirling effect of colour. Lines were like hairs or smoke wrapped around each other as if to consume each other. The final image disappears into the bright light in the centre.

The eight surrounding panels were small intaglio prints in black and brown. The composition was dominated by countless hands, each of which seems to be trying to grasp the light in the middle. With the different levels of colour printing, the surface of the painting was rendered with a sense of faintness and emptiness. Both groups are centred on the bright light, but one was like an endless abyss, and the other was a bright future. The two sets of works with different creative ways but the same theme was combined into one interesting and integral piece.

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