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subterranean- 2021

It was the first campus group show in my uni life. Using some items which are easy to be seen in every city like those people who are unattractive. I used leaves and paper to make shades and then weaken the light which would make the broken ditch cover hard to notice. The ditch cover is full of leaves, stones, and branches like someone who is unhappy and has a lot of worries, suffocating elements from society and others that prevents you from expressing yourself well and eventually becomes unnecessary for society. Although everything seems to be worse, there is still hope. The big branch penetrated the whole roof to the floor that representing some people who want to help you and give you hope. Not everything will go smoothly for everyone, but not completely hopelessly and terrible. Perhaps life does look battered and bruised on the outside. But as long as there is still a little light and some people willing to help who need help that means still alive is worthwhile. Taking that step and giving you a break, maybe everything isn't as bad as you think. Even if you don't look glamorous, you still have value and meaning in life. Although it was not a public exhibition, it was a great way to start a life of study in the UK.

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